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Khloe Kardashian Revealed That She Was Nicole Richie’s Assitant

Ah, Hollywood—the detractions, the style, the starlets! I am talking about the mid-aughts, a really, excellent time for show company–both of Britney’s marital relationships, completion of the initial Bennifer, the increase of TomKat, Ashlee Simpson’s lip-sync jig on SNL, whatever Lindsay Lohan, and the proceeded regime of Paris Hilton (ft. Nicole Richie). Little did we know what was stirring in the inmost, darkest recesses of Calabasas.

A powerful, depriving pressure had stirred up, drawn in by the paparazzi’s brilliant lights and the red rug’s ugly fashions. “Me, me, me,” the monster growled, “Why not me?” In 2007, the beast arose; Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was launched, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians without delay struck the airwaves.

The Reveal

Tale has it that Paris herself assisted crown her successor; she employed a then-unknown Kim to arrange her closet. And now Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, has let everyone recognize once more that she briefly worked as Nicole Richie’s assistant. Sigh. The takeover was inevitable.

36-year-old Khloe shared the info on a podcast on her buddy Simon Huck’s Emergency Contact podcast:

“I was Nicole Richie’s aide, and you were Jonathan Cheban’s aide,” and then saying “and we met five faces ago.” Kardashian teased of her relationship with the marketing executive.

Khloe is, naturally, describing her ever-changing visage. I’m still not convinced that Khloe’s not a mutant type a la X-Men’s Mystique.
@khloekardashian/ via Instagram

Khloe went on to offer more information about her stint as Nicole’s assistant: Though she didn’t benefit the Simple Life alum for “long,” Kardashian confessed that the possibility came to her means at just the correct time.

Khloe said that she went to college with Richie. Khloe said that Richie was one of my buddies growing up and that they were just close. She also said that she became Richie’s assistant when Richie started doing Simple Life where Richie needed an assistant and Khloe needed a job.

What’s Next?

Being an aide to the mid-2000s, Nicole must have been impressive. Was this during the incredibly skinny/DUI for weed and Vicodin days, or before her and Paris’ 2005 fallout? But once again, I need to plead with Ken Burns to get off his wild ass as well as create a ten-hour documentary regarding this bawdy time in celebrity background! Seriously, Kenny, we’re over this battle spunk. Offer us the complete investigative tea!