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Richard Ramirez: The True Tale of Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker’

Richard Ramirez is the Night Stalker.

Today in “many thanks, I despise it,” Netflix has gone down a brand-new true-crime docuseries that could be its most scary venture right into the style yet. Welcome to Night Stalker, regarding the infamous serial awesome, rapist, and intruder named Richard Ramirez.

On the occasion that you want to understand precisely what you’re obtaining right into before, in fact, clicking “play” on this four-episode collection, we have assembled a quick primer on Night Stalker’s real story– which is quite terrifying as a result of its subject, however, unlike the program, probably will not maintain you up tonight. Possibly. I existed. It still will.


Put simply, Richard Ramirez was a serial rapist and murderer who preyed upon the greater Los Angeles area in the 1980s. He was active between the summer season of 1984 and also summer season of 1985. After that, he was captured as well as tried for numerous gruesome murders.

I won’t enter too much of the ruthless information of his murders, yet Ramirez utilized a variety of tools to kill, attack, and mutilate his sufferers. He dedicated his well-known initial homicide on June 28, 1984, when 79-year-old Jennie Vincow was found murdered asleep in bed. After that, he committed a string of murders, attacks, and thefts in the months complying with– including three different attempted murders in one day (March 17, 1985).

Ramirez’s criminal offenses magnified in frequency in the summer season of 1985; he went on a multi-night murder spree in July. By the time he was eventually captured at the end of August, he had killed 13 people.


Ramirez obtained the label “Night Stalker” from investigative and the media, who commonly covered his homicidal spree. But if you wish to know his other scary tags, he was also known as the Walk-in Killer and the Valley Intruder.

On August 25, 1985, as an example, the Los Angeles Times created:

“The Valley Intruder or Night Stalker, as investigators have dubbed him, preys mostly on one of the most susceptible–children, females living alone, elderly pairs … Frequently … he has slipped with unlocked doors and windows before dawn, assaulting while his sufferers rested.”


Because he was negligent, authorities were able to raise a fingerprint from a car Ramirez had swiped, and (after tracing down some other leads) cops matched the print to an old mug shot and released it to the public. However, detectives aren’t the ones who captured him– at first. Generally, Ramirez identified his mug shot on a paper in an alcohol store, took off in a panic, as well as tried to jack two autos. He ended up being gone after by what the L.A. Times referred to as “angry residents” that identified him … to the point that when police at some point showed up, he stated, “Thank god you came.”

Following his apprehension on August 31, Ramirez informed Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Ellis, “I love to eliminate individuals. I love watching people die” and also “I enjoy all that blood.”

Ramirez infamously appeared at his very first court appearance and also screamed “Hail Satan.” After a rather remarkable test, he was convicted on 13 counts of murder, 11 counts of sexual assault, five matters of tried murder, as well as 14 matters of a break-in.

Ramirez was punished to death (which he appealed to no obtain) and said at the time of the sentencing, “I am beyond excellent and evil. I will certainly be avenged. Lucifer dwells in us all. That’s it.”.

Um. No thanks.


Nope. Ramirez passed away of problems connected to lymphoma on June 7, 2013. Yet before his death, he wed a lady named Doreen Lioy, who thought he was mistakenly convicted. “I simply rely on him totally,” she informed CNN. “In my point of view, there was even more evidence to convict O. J. Simpson, as well as all of us recognize how that turned out.”.

Go on and also view Night Stalker on Netflix currently if you’re looking for more details (wishing your sleep routine).

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