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16 Famous Male Celebrities Who Are Cat Dads!

Guys that love felines are frequently neglected and underappreciated. Are there men in your life who are proud cat daddies? Hype them up!

Below we celebrate 16 well-known males who have confessed their love of kitties!

1. Dave Franco favors hanging out at his home with his felines to party!

2. Ricky Gervais loves his pet cat Ollie. The cat even got his very own Facebook page! Isn’t that the cutest?

3. Morrissey, who used to be in the band The Smiths, enjoyed cats so much that some people started talking about him and his love for cats on Tumblr!

4. Speaking of Morrisey, the famous vocalist Russell Brand used to have a feline named–yes, you guessed it, MORRISSEY! Although Morrisey is not around now, they have tons of pictures online that you can look at!

5.The stand-up comedian and actor Marc Maron joined his names LaFonda, Monkey, and Boomer on his book’s cover. He sometimes frequently post photos and videos of them on his Instagram! 

6. Jesse Eisenberg, known for his role in various fils such as Zombie Land, takes care of deserted and homeless pet cats. He found three abandoned kittens inside a box on the streets. He then recorded a video asking people’s help by finding the three adorable cats a new home.

7. Norman Reedus, perhaps best known for his role in the TV Series The Walking Dead, has a feline he names Eye In The Dark. This cat, which has a great name, also has his very own Twitter account.

We have some more male celebrities who are proud cat dads!

8. Nyjer Morgan embraced Slick Willie, one of his many cats, from a pet shelter. He is an #adoptdontshop advocate!

9. Ian Somerhalder’s, everyone’s favorite vampire, has a feline called Moke. He is such a spoiled cat! He makes himself comfortable anywhere he desires! Ian refers to himself as “Moke’s daddy.” They even posed together in People Magazine last 2013!

10. Though the top actor Christopher Walken adopted a tuxedo cat that he saw on his front porch. He also composed an intro to a publication about cats.

11. James Franco names his felines after literary personalities, and also, he and also brother Dave obtained their love of cats from their mother, Betsy.

12. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull made a whole page on his band’s internet site dedicated to pet cats’ works.

13. Ryan Adams and his other half, Mandy Moore, took on two felines.

14. Tom Hardy discovered a stray kitten and kept him in a hotel area until he found the child a home!

15. Gilles Marini thinks teaching his youngsters to love animals makes them better people and discovers cat purrs soothingly.

16. Macklemore’s kitty, Cairo, gets on Instagram with greater than 95,000 followers, uploading pictures with her pleased papa.


These male celebrities who are proud cat dads are adorable! Are you a cat dad as well? Find out some of the best toys for cats in the market and make your cats happy this season! We all love our cats, but it’s a different joy when men proclaim their love for kittens!