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5 Cat Films That Are Perfect for Children

Below are some favored motion pictures starring pet cats that my kids and I have discovered throughout the years.

I have continuously enjoyed felines and also flicks, individually and together. Nothing’s far better than enjoying a film with a cat in my lap. Well, I suppose something can boost the experience a little– I might be seeing a movie regarding felines.

Because I’m a long-lasting pet cat fancier, my youngsters grew up with a feline adoration also. As well, with the years, I’ve shared several of my favorite cat-themed films with them, and they have introduced me to a couple of new ones. Below are a few of my family’s faves.

The Aristocats

I think The Aristocats is my daughter’s all-time preferred films. I suggest, who doesn’t like the story of a streetwise tom named O’Malley solitary mama called Lady and even her kitties? When my child was young, she also had a deluxe toy of Marie, Duchess’s white kitty cat. And as she started collecting Beanie Babies, she called two of them Toulouse and Berlioz, after Marie’s brothers. My child still has the VHS of this film and also will possibly never get rid of it. Plus, pay attention to the track in the video– you’ll never get it out of your head (however, that’s not a bad thing).

The Journeys of Milo and Otis

The Adventures of Milo and also Otis was a staple in our home when the youngsters were maturing. I’m not ashamed to state I owned the video clip even before they were born. Dudley Moore narrates an orange tabby kitty cat and Pug puppy tale as they browse experience after experience. The kitty is well curious and ends up floating down the river in a box, and Otis chases him. I’m not a follower of live-action speaking pets whose mouths move; however, the narration is just perfect. I also needed a box of cells at the end of the motion picture, which means I loved it. It also means I’m a giant sap.

The Feline From Deep Space

Ah, Disney in the 1970s– what a great run of movies. However, the Pet Cat from Celestial spaces was among my favorites. You see, the feline is the pilot of a UFO that’s damaged down on Earth. His magical collar (what the amazing?) enables him to connect with human beings. And also, the cast is 1970s-tastic. How can you go wrong with Ken Berry, Harry Morgan, Sandy Duncan, Roddy McDowell, and McLean Stevenson? I imply, come on!

The Cat Returns

My children introduced me to the magic of Hiroyuki Morita’s computer-animated work, as well as I was an instant follower. I assume both kids and adults would take pleasure in The Cat Returns film’s fairytale-like storyline and stunning computer animation. The initial film is in Japanese. However, you can discover called variations or activate the captions for older children. If you regularly read my articles, you recognize just how much I love cats in apparel. There is one incredibly stylish feline in this movie. Oh, guy … so elegant.

Shrek 2

My youngsters were simply the appropriate age for every of the Shrek flicks as they were launched. This meant that I likewise saw each of the Shrek flicks in the theater, and then countless times in my living room. I have to claim these films are hugely creative and also animated entirely. Of course, our favorite is Shrek 2 due to … you presumed it: Puss in Boots. The personality of Puss in this film is equivalent components charming and also hysterical. I could not keep my eyes off him when they revealed him walking or dancing in those high boots. Seriously, I was a massive pool of squee. If you don’t appreciate animated children’s motion pictures, I’ll wager you’ll obtain connected on the Shrek collection, specifically the second one.

What are your favored kids’ movies regarding pet cats? Could you share them in the comments?